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With "band-on" you play music by ear. For this purpose, our media library contains tunes from several genres and styles, which we adapted, arranged and recorded for different levels of difficulty. Thus, we want to create an intuitive access to music, no matter if you are a beginner, advanced or professional. Our app offers you all the functions you need to work with the tunes with maximum flexibility - without sacrificing sound quality.

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Upload your own content to band-on: Many of you have asked us whether it is also possible to use your own content on band-on. We like this idea and are therefore already working on making this as easy as possible. We want to offer the Content Creator subscription from 2025. However, it is already now possible to work with your own pieces and recordings. If you are interested, you can find out more here:

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Here you can find out the most important things about band-on in three minutes.


Get inspired by our media library. We regularly add new tunes and pay attention to a wide stylistic variety.

Our player offers you the most important functions in a compact and intuitive way: play, navigation, recording and loop are just on click away.

Change the volume of the instruments as you like. Even solo or mute are no problem.

Adapt the music to your ability. All levels of difficulty can be combined in the tunes designed for this purpose. Others have different tempos so you can start at your level.

Track the parts of the arrangement in our graphical overview. Jump to any place in the piece.

Set loops. Both whole parts and smaller sections give you maximum flexibility when practicing.

Record yourself and check your progress. Experiment with your own version and share it with your friends and teachers.

You always play with recordings of real musicians. So you have your band experience at home and on the road.


You can install the app for free and use our three demo pieces at no charge. You can purchase additional pieces via in-app purchases directly in band-on. For the purchase of a Collection we grant a discount of 25%. We also plan to introduce a subscription model at a later date.

Yes, after you downloaded a track or played it once, it is automatically saved on your device. If you want to free up disk space, you can delete the tracks from your device. Your purchase will be preserved.

When you open a track for the first time, the individual audio files are downloaded onto your device. We recommend a fast internet connection. After that, the tune is stored on your device and immediately available.

We create our productions for different levels of difficulty. That's why we offer levels on only some of our productions. If levels are available, they are automatically displayed in the mixer.

We create our productions for different levels of difficulty. That's why we offer different tempos only for a part of our productions. If different tempos are available, they can be changed directly in the player.

The count-in function can be switched on or off manually in the player at the bottom left.

Once you have created a recording, you can listen to it in the mixer under "My recording" and share it via the "Share"-icon.

At the moment only a wired device or a Bluetooth headset can be used for recording. If your connected device does not have a microphone, band-on will automatically switch to the internal speaker during recording.

Probably you have activated the loop function. You can deactivate it in the player to the right of the "Play/Pause" icon. You can also check the Arrangement View to see which parts of the piece are being played.

The Team

Our goal is to activate joy and fun in making music, to create an intuitive access to music and to motivate to play in bands.
Lea Scherer
Felix Wolf
Matthias Wenger


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